Security Training

Cybersecurity image of finger touching network lock

Do your employees know how to set secure passwords or guard against phishing? Security training is a must to foil today’s sophisticated hackers.

EER provides security training in everyday language, which your employees will be able to use right away to improve your company’s security. While you might be tempted to leave it up to your IT department to provide this training, they don’t always have the time or training materials to do a thorough job.

A half-day or one-day seminar will give your employees all the knowledge they need to:

  • Spot a phishing email instead of clicking on it
  • Set very secure passwords they can remember without writing them down
  • Guard against viruses and trojan horses in everyday computer usage
  • Follow basic security procedures in line with your Security Policy

We can also provide a write-up of your Security Policy in everyday language for inclusion in your Employee Handbook.